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Phoenix Vehicle Wraps

Phoenix Vehicle Wraps forge custom-designed vehicle wraps. Designed to maximize advertising space and impact in your community, phoenix vehicle wraps provide a unique mobile strategy for marketing your business.

No project is too small or large. We service everyone from a new business with their first phoenix vehicle wrap – all the way to the major fleets of 100+ vehicle wraps.

Our Experience

As a branding company, we specialize in vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics. 8 years ago when wraps were still brand new we changed the way wraps were created. While most “sign shops” would cover vehicles in generic backgrounds and a company logo, we created an entirely different movement. As designers, we were more focused on the look and message and because of this, clients flocked to work with us. We are the experts in creating meaningful vehicle ad campaigns that not only serve a function, but will also give your business a competitive branded edge to compete with even the largest companies.

Samantha Melendez

Samantha Melendez

Content Marketing Specialist

About Samantha

With an extensive background in content marketing, digital advertising, public relations, and event planning, Samantha has been creating and implementing strategic, comprehensive, and concise brand messaging for a variety of industries across the U.S. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in communications and gaining experience at multiple advertising and public relations agencies in Boston, MA, Samantha moved to Phoenix, AZ as a means of expanding her offerings to a diverse portfolio of clients, including multiple national consumer brands and local startups. She prides herself in keeping up with the latest trends in the communications industry and prides herself on eating, sleeping, and breathing all things marketing related.
Paul Sebastian Melendez

Paul Sebastian Melendez

Owner & Brand Specialist

About Paul

With eight years experience, Paul has forged his creative mark in the design world and has become one of the most respected and influential designers the Southwest has to offer. His keen understanding and vision of what it takes to create successful brands has helped hundreds of companies throughout the U.S. Pride in visual communications, creativity, and cutting edge technology are just a few aspects of which has propelled his successful career thus far. After leaving an esteemed role as the Creative Director of a small design company, The Brand Smith Co. was established in January 2014 as a vehicle to expand Paul’s offerings to a broad range of clients across the U.S. The Brand Smith Co. is truly an extension of Paul’s core beliefs in providing clients with the highest quality of vision and design, and has allowed his artistic passion to truly take form.
Andrew J Murdock

Andrew J Murdock

Account Manager

About Andrew

After spending four years in the United States Marine Corps infantry, Andrew decided to take his passion for marketing and brand management to a new level. While studying design and marketing, Andrew accepted a position for a globally recognized multi-million dollar company where he worked his way up to Director of Sales and Marketing. Since leaving the Marine Corps, he has gained extraordinary experience and respect from fellow industry colleagues for his expertise in advertising, design, branding, public relations, marketing and sales strategies. Paul Sebastian, a long time friend and mentor of Andrew, has been an instrumental part of the development of Andrews’s marketing and management mind.


Phoenix Branding

Building strong brands is our expertise. The best brand strategies are so differentiated and powerful that they deflect the competition in the marketplace.

Vehicle Wrap Printing

Our in-house digital printers are custom calibrated to give our vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics the best print possible. Color, Clarity, Durability.

Vehicle Wrap Installation

Our designers know how to get their hands dirty. Having a thorough understanding of the installation process, our designers help the installation crew create beautifully crafted installs on our vehicles.

Phoenix Graphic Design

Design is arguably the most important & difficult part of the vehicle wrap ad campaign. Being that we specialize in vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics, it’s no surprise that our wraps stand out, we are a design company after all.


Because of our 8 years of experience and working with some of the Valley's largest business, we are the experts in our industry. We offer free consulting to see if our business will be a match for yours.

Customer Service

Our business is built on it's reupatation and word of mouth. We strive to give our clientele the most premium of services from the beginning all the way through to completeion.

Partial Wrap

Starting at*
  • Large Logo / Decals

  • Cut Vinyl

  • Basic Design Layout Included

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Half Wrap

Starting at*
  • Side Half Wrap
  • Back Wrap

  • Basic Design Layout Included

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3/4 Wrap

Starting at*
  • 3/4 Side Wrap
  • Back Wrap

  • Basic Design Layout Included

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Full Wrap

Starting at*
  • Full Sides / Hood / Back
  • Strip Above Windshield

  • Basic Design Layout Included

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